Friday, January 8, 2010

Art Journal Techniques & Tips by Teesha Moore

I absolutely adore art by Teesha Moore and I have always loved the way she described the techniques she uses in her Art Journals. Teesha has now visualized those words by making a series of instructional videos on each one of the steps she uses in her Art Journals and they are posted on her blog and are also available to view on YouTube. There is one video that illustrates and describes, in detail, the technique for each one of the individual steps Teesha uses to complete a journal page.

If you would like to know more about the "how to" of Art Journaling" or would like to learn some new tips and techniques, I would urge you to take a look at Teesha's videos.

You can see them on Teesha's Blog "Teesha's Circus" @
You can view them directly on YouTube @

I suggest you take a look at Teesha's blog regardless of where you view the instructional videos. Teesha's blog is nothing short of candy for the artist's eye. It is chock full of inspiration, color, tips and tricks, and she shares the secrets of some of the supplies she loves to use in her work.

Check it out!!! You won't be disappointed! I promise!!

Hugs & Happy Creating! Julie

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  1. I just got through one of these videos and it's fun and inspiring to watch Teesha work her magic. Thanks for the links - chris (chrispixelalias)

  2. Hia i'm doing about Teesha Moore in school and i love art and collages myself but i want to know more about her technique because i am doing a collage myself in her kind of way but i want to know more about her technique and how she was inspired. thank u x from Rowanne Age-11 :)