Thursday, January 7, 2010

FREE: PhotoShop Master Course Marathon

Hi Everyone! If you haven't had time to take any of the PhotoShop classes presented by CreativeTechs, I have good news! CreativeTechs is running a PhotoShop Master Course Marathon and it's FREE.

The marathon will start with the first class of the six month course, and continue recycling through all the classes that have been presented so far. Here are some of the specifics direct from CreaiveTechs.

Join us as we run a marathon rerun sessions of Jason Hoppe’s Master Class! Get out the popcorn and catch up on anything you’ve missed. Prepare yourself for the rest of the course! Starting this Thursday and running all weekend long.

The starting time is undetermined at the moment (maybe around 11am PST), but we’ll Tweet it!

Use these links to watch this special marathon session: Don't forget, if you can't click right through, copy and paste the links into the address bar of your web browser.

Live Video:

Chat with your fellow classmates:
(Chat will not be moderated)

I hope you can take advantage of at least some of these classes!

Have fun! Hugs, Julie

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